Why is the sports card industry booming?

Chris L. Parsons
2 min readMar 7, 2021

Sports cards has been a hobby for many children, and adults alike for decades and it’s beginning to sky rocket once again. Since the beginning of the pandemic sports cards have been flying off the shelves literally and in 2021 we see no signs of it slowing down. Many people blame flippers for the massive demand and price increases for sports cards around the country. (flippers are people who buy and resell at a higher price) Stores like Target have even put up signs limiting the amount of boxes customers can buy to just three items per customer to help with depleted store shelves.

This particular box is $450 on Amazon. (Includes affiliate link)

online shops like EBay, Amazon, and Stock X have been a flippers paradise, here you will see retail boxes going for three to even four times retail price value. Buyers are using sports cards as a way to stay busy during the pandemic and some are using it as a means to park their money as an investment. Just recently a 2019 Immaculate collegiate Zion Williamson patch and auto out of /99 sold for $1,136 dollars, insanity for a piece of cardboard right? Some of the higher end Zion Williamson cards have gone for 10s of thousands of dollars. In one auction a Zion Williamson card sold for $750,000 USD.

This hanger boxe is $55.99 on Amazon. (Includes affiliate link.)

Many self proclaimed experts have been calling the huge spike in card prices a massive bubble that is soon to pop, so far we have seen no signs of that happening yet though.