3 Pot Stocks to Watch

Chris L. Parsons
4 min readJul 23, 2021

3. Tilary Inc (TLRY)

Tilary is engaged in the pharmaceutical sector and supplies cannabis products to pharmaceutical distributors. Tilary’s portfolio consists of Hemp Hearts, Hemp Oil, Hemp Yeah!, Granola, Hemp yeah, Protein powder and hemp bliss milk. Now lets take a look at the technical analysis.

Technical Analysis

TLRY looks like it has double bottomed if you look at the may 10 candle and the July 19 Candle from those days forward their was a significant move upwards. Tilary also has a fall harvest incoming which will be a great catalyst. TLRY is currently over sold RSI sitting at 33, With support levels at 13.59, 13.30, and 12.83 respectively. Tlry has reissuance at 14.35, 1482 and 15.12. Watch those entry point levels to see if they break or become new support.

2. Cronos Group Inc (Cron)

Cron has a lot of big things ahead including their conference call on August 6, 2021 which will take place at 8:30 AM. If you aren’t familiar with what Cronos Group does then you have came to the right place. Cron is focused on Cannabis research, technology and product development. The companies portfolio includes: Peace naturals, Cove, Spinach, Lord Jones, and Peace+. Peace Naturals is a wellness platform and cove and spinach are adult-use brands.

Technical analysis:

If you compare Cron’s chart and TLRY’s chart they look almost identical which is kind of crazy considering they are two different companies. Cron is another beat down and over sold pot stock RSI as seen above at 32.96 and looks like another long double bottom. Cron has support levels at 7.12 , 7.02 and 6.83. Cron’s resistance points are 7.42, 7.61 and 7.71 Watch for these resistance levels to break for a potential parabolic move.

  1. ZA Group Inc (ZAAG)

ZAAG is a penny stock traded on the over the counter stock exchange that we think has upside from these price levels.

What is ZAAG

ZA Group, Inc. is a holding company targeting the acquisition of undervalued, niche companies with high growth potential, income-producing commercial real estate properties and high return investments all designed to pay a dividend to our shareholders. ZA Group is involved, Through its subsidiary, Econic Crop Solutions, in services for the Medical Marijuana industry in Canada.

Technical Analysis:

ZAAG’s chart is following other pot stocks in the industry forming a double bottom. The pivot is 0.024 which if it can break it should be able to test next resistance at 0.04. Zaag has a lot of support at 0.0096 which we have seen test several times earlier this week followed by a bounce to 0.014 which is roughly a 40% move.

Below is the companies profile where they update the companies progress.

Disclaimer: These stocks are highly speculative and may result in the loss of your entire investment. Our research is based on information we have gathered from Websites such as yahoo finance, twitter, and our chart analysis. We currently do not own any shares in any of the companies but we reserve the right to buy and sell at any time. We are not financial advisors and we do not claim to be advisors. Everything listed above is for educational purposes only. Please do your own research when trading any stock or option.